10 February 2018 @ 9:45am - 4:00pm

Course Fee:
RM380 (includes lunch and tea break)

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CPD Points:
BOVAEA approved 5 points

Good Institute Subang Jaya

Mark Goh

programme objectives

Tenancies and leases are the agent's bread and butter. We profess that we know the tenancy agreements and the terms of the tenancy agreements; but how much do we really know? What is the difference between a 'Tenancy' and a 'Lease' and how should we protect them? Having some knowledge to these issues and basic answers to these questions will give us an edge over the others.

This seminar aims to provide and present some basic issues surrounding leases and tenancies. Some of the issues which this seminar aims to clarify includes issues on 'options to renew' and the effect of such clauses on the tenancy agreement, methods to protect a 'Lease' and a 'Tenancy' and basic terms found in 'Lease' or 'Tenancy' agreements.

From the seminar, the participants will learn about legal issues which are involved in the entire process of a tenancy, commencing from the creation of a lease/tenancy until the determination of a lease/tenancy.