Get your real estate license without leaving the comfort of your home.

Getting Your Own License For A Promising Future

The Diploma in Estate Agency opens the door for graduates to enter into this industry as a licensed real estate agent. With a Real Estate License, graduates will be able to practice estate agency, own an estate agency, and recruit negotiators to work under him or her.

Enjoy a Steady Monthly Income With Minimum to No Stress

Everyone wants a steady monthly income with no stress, no sales targets, no MLMs, no big investments and minimum to no stress at all! Does it sound like a dream? Attend our free preview to find out how you can earn a steady monthly income with no stress by owning a real estate license.

Million Dollar Real Estate Agents With Flexi Hours

Agents receive professional fees up to 3% for a successful property transaction and also a share of the professional fee from the negotiators under his or her care. For example, by selling one double storey terrace worth RM1 million in Klang Valley, the commission can be up to RM20,000 − RM30,000. Successful real estate agents can easily become millionaires and enjoy a comfortable life with high income and flexible work hours too.

The Wealth Multiplier

Since estate agency is such a lucrative business, imagine how your wealth can be multiplied by having a whole team of estate agents working under you. This is only possible if you are the holder of a real estate license. Real estate license holders are able to hire up to 50 negotiators to work under them to bring in more deals and close more real estate sales which translates to more income for you as the agency principal.

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How Do I Become a Real Estate Agent and Real estate license holder?

Now that you know the benefits of becoming a a Registered Estate Agent, you would be wondering how to get registered as a Registered Estate Agent. The steps to become a Registered Estate Agent are as follows:

In order for a person to be registered as a Registered Estate Agent (REA) or a Real Estate License Holder, a person would firstly need to obtain a qualification recognised by the Board.

What is the qualification recognised by the Malaysia Board of Real Estate for obtaining the real estate license?

The qualification that is recognised by the Board is the Diploma in Estate Agency. This diploma is awarded by the Malaysian government ie the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers Malaysia.

This diploma is obtained upon passing of the Part 1 and Part 2 examinations set by the Board. Each Part contains 6 subjects and both Part 1 and Part 2 contain 12 subjects in total. The subjects are as follows:

Part I contains:

  1. Principles of Accounting
  2. Introduction to Law
  3. Principles of Economics
  4. Property Taxation
  5. Principles and Practices of Marketing
  6. Building Technology I

Part II contains:

  1. Land Economics
  2. Estate Agency Law
  3. Principles of Valuation
  4. Laws Relating to Property
  5. Real Estate Agency Practice
  6. Building Technology II

Part 1 needs to be completed before completing Part 2. Thereafter once all 12 papers are completed, the Board shall award the Diploma in Estate Agency to the candidate.

Good Institute is the top provider for the real estate license course covering all the 12 subjects above and Good Institute students have been the top scorer in Malaysia for the past 8 years. Besides, great quality material and lecturers which enable you to be the top scorer, Good Institute students have frequently given feedback that the knowledge learnt in class have been very useful for providing them with the extra edge compared to others when dealing with clients as they are able to provide added value. Busy working professionals also treasure the simplicity of the way our notes are structured so that they can study easily for the exams.

What can I do with the Diploma in Estate Agency (Part 1 + Part 2) awarded by the Board?

The Diploma in Estate Agency which is awarded by the Board upon successful completion of the Part 2 exams is a pre-requisite for the person to be registered as a Probationary Estate Agent (PEA) and a Task of Professional Competence (TPC) candidate.

Besides that, upon completion of the course and even while learning you’ll gain so much knowledge that will help you in your real estate career and even property investment journey.

Lastly, the knowledge gained is also helpful for you to complete the test of professional competence and Board interview which will enable you to be a real estate license holder in future.

What is a Probationary Estate Agent (PEA) and Test of Professional Competence (TPC)?

In order to become a Registered Estate Agent (REA) ie Real Estate License Holder, the person needs to complete a 2 year probationary period and complete the Test of Professional Competence (TPC). The test of professional competence contains the 2 year work diary which logs down the real estate work experience of the probationary estate agent during the 2 years. Besides that, there are also 2 tasks, a record of experience and also the Board interview to complete before being registered as a Registered Estate Agent (REA) ie obtaining your real estate license.

The 2 years work experience is relatively easier as compared to completing the Diploma in Estate Agency (Part 1 + Part 2 exams) as most of the content required for you to complete your TPC (test of professional competence) is covered during your Part 2 lessons. However, Good Institute also has a short online course for the TPC which you can sign up for which will give you a headstart in preparing for it.

How do I obtain my real estate license to become a registered estate agent in Malaysia?

Upon passing the Board interview, the TPC (test of professional competence) candidate shall be deemed to have passed the test of professional competence and is eligible to be registered as a Registered Estate Agent (REA) ie real estate license holder. The person can then submit the registration form together with the necessary documentation and fee payment and become a Registered Estate Agent ie real estate license holder.

The Registered Estate Agent ie real estate license holder can then enjoy all the benefits such as being able to open your own agency, recruit negotiators (REN) to work and earn money for the agency or alternatively enjoy a monthly stable income as a Registered Estate Agent license holder.

Is it better to study online or take the physical class option for the Part 1 + Part 2 Diploma is Estate Agency real estate license course?

Students wanting to study for the course at Good Institute have the option of choosing either the online mode of study or the physical class mode of study.

The online class give students the flexibility to study anytime and anywhere. Therefore, students can study on the go whenever they have free time during their work breaks, study breaks and even when they are travelling. It is also suitable for those who live far away from Good Institute. There is also opportunity for students to ask questions to lecturers online or even meet the lecturer face to face for tutorial sessions.

The physical class allows students to meet the lecturers face to face for all lectures and tutorials so students can ask all the questions that they need to the lecturers. However, these classes are on a fixed class timetable on Saturdays at Good Institute, Subang Jaya. Nevertheless, if students are unable to make it for the live classes, there are also options for students to replace them.

On which mode of study is better? Is studying online better or attending class physically better?

It all depends on

  1.  the individual student’s physical distance to Good Institute and ability to come for physical class in Subang Jaya
  2.  personal preference of study type – some prefer to see the lecturers face to face while others prefer the convenience of studying online
  3.  the individual’s time availability – eg a busy and constantly travelling working professional vs a retiree would have different time availability

Good Institute recommends that students choose their mode of study according to their own personal preference, lifestyle and individual circumstances because what works best for you or is the most convenient is the best study method for you.

What You'll Get when you sign up for the online diploma

  1.  Recorded lectures – 96 lectures
  2.  Live tutorials – tutorials where you can ask all your questions to lecturers
  3.  Recorded tutorials – hundreds of tutorials from the current year and past year’s archive
  4.  Past year trend analysis – for more than 10 years
  5.  Past year question and answer – for more than 10 years
  6.  Recorded past year revision class – all past year answers are prepared and discussed
  7.  Weekly optional practice homework – good for practice after each lesson and includes answers too
  8.  E-library online resource – a resource base of additional notes, resources and videos
  9.  Live pre-exam crash course – for your final revision and Q&A before the exam
  10.  Good Institute textbook for all subjects – 12 textbooks carefully prepared for your study and exam preparation

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